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About August of 2018, I believe I heard on the radio about a town in Italy that is selling houses for 1 Euro. Seemingly poppycock, I started googling it. Sure enough, I found some listings for some properties for 1 Euro. And some strings. I learned that you must be a resident and you must spend 5,000 Euro more on improvements. Still not a bad deal. If I had the money and the residency, I could consider fixing one up and using it as a vacation getaway or rent it out. Soon after that, I found that it’s not so much 1 Euro; that’s just where the bidding starts. And this has happened before and large companies buy them up, fix them up and rent or sell them out. Oh. Well, it was fun thinking about it… Here’s a link and some of the property images:

During my googling, I ran across this video that spoke of Dual Citizenship. I was at work and was letting it run in the background, but it quickly got my attention:

At that time I didn’t know any of the dates I needed, but I knew my Great Grandfather came here directly from Italy. My image was always a young man, maybe in his twenties, looking for a new adventure in the Land of the Free - all in the setting of the beginning of the Titanic movie. Much to my surprise, it was nothing like that at all. I’ll talk about that later.

After some brief review, it looks like it would be a process that takes years, costs some money obtaining paperwork, and stressed a lot of other people out - why do it?

Looks to be the main reason is to obtain an Italian Passport. Since Italy is part of the European Union, this allows you to live, work and play in any of the 100+ countries. Since I’ve always wanted to visit Europe, especially Italy, this would make it much easier.

If I’m successful, my wife can then possibly obtain citizenship through me. However, she would be required to learn Italian to a certain proficiency, and then go through a different process. She dreams of visiting Amsterdam. Since I’m trying to stick to my journey, I’ll only post a link to the Los Angeles Italian Consulate that speaks of Jure Matrimonii:

On the other side, since the US is a world-tax country, if I were to make money in Italy, even if I lived in Italy, I would need to pay taxes to both Italy and the US. I’m just now finding information about the FEIE, Foreign Earned Income Exclusion, and also another credit which is to help with the double taxation. Depending on your income level, the tax you’ll need to pay back to the US may not be much at all. I’ll add more about this at a later date once I learn more. Tax stuff is super fun to read about…. /s

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