2013 dodge challenger

This last trip last month up to the high country was an interesting one When we got to the rental car place we asked for our normal favorite cars to rent the Mazda 6 and the Dodge Charger Oh yeah and we recently added the Chevy Malibu to the list All cars that I will probably blab about more in the near future Unfortunately they didnt have any of our favorite cars so we opted for the next closest thing that my upgrade coupon would allow Oh yeah Im cheap too I figured that a Challenger is pretty much a two door Charger but I was wrong wrong wrongThe Good Holy power for days Batman The one we had was a V6 and still would get to 60 in just a few seconds Matter of fact they boasted it with an in dash to 60 timer My best time was 6 seconds but I started in a turn and have to keep some semblance of title 28 compliance It was also a very quiet ride Coasting down the hills all you could hear was the whisping of the air around the windows It was very roomy and enough room in the trunk for three good sized bodies It looks really cool too ButThe Bad Drinks gas like a flamethrower Feels heavy Although it has a ton of power you can tell that it takes a lot of horses to get that giant chunk of metal rolling It has giant 60 series

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