Tool Rocks!!

So check this outI went to a Tool concert in Tucson last month and it was cathardic It makes me think that the music that I play though impertinant insignificantI was playing at Iguana Macks about four weeks ago to the day when a girl asked if I could play any Tool I politly told her that I could play Three Libras by Perfect Circle which is closeShe loved that song but still pushed for Tool I told her You know Ive tried playing Tool at home acoustic and it never turned out well Matter of fact Sober is the only song I would know and it doesnt sound good acoustic at allShe conceded for a short while but then between songs her and her counterparts totaling about 9 at her table kept bugging me to play Tool It reached the next table to the West and continued to growI heard the original girl exclaim Were all drunk it doesnt matterIn my impatience and without better judgement I cried Fine You want to hear it Ill play it but Itll suckWith that I dropped the E string down to a D and started playing Sober by ToolIn my INCREDULITY I found this song to be starting out quite nicelyI knew all the words because this had been one of my favorite songs for over eight yearsIt kicked ass And now after tonight I have to say that I have recorded this song as an acousic cover in all its wonderous beauty

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