3D Printed Project Links

Last Edited: 2022-01-30 23:30:34

Hello there!  This is an index page for me to keep track of the 3D Printed things I've done, and the links to their blog posts.  If it isn't a link yet, then the post isn't done yet.

flagpole holder

training XD gun

ringboxinsert, battery holder, skull


radio magnet mount

dingdong if I ever finish it

license plate magnet holder

hango things to make whiteboard holder


beast headlight adapter

beast dome light cover

camera box

frame holder things

radio face holder

13mm flat wrench

monitor clip

colonial shoe clip and buttons

speaker stand joint

blackhawk strike

battery dummies

lens cap for night vision

eon knob

solar panel corner mounts

jeep badge

90 degree angle metal guard

phone kickstand

chevy logo

6mm spacers

shopvac chisel

monitor power plug

monitor stand - I should try this again now that I’m smarter

aeroquad battery cover

weaver booster

coffee handle

iPhone ring light 

towel holder


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