Replacing Blazer Seats With Plastic Racing Seats

One of the plans I have for the beast is to be able to spray out the cabin area after camping. Living in AZ, you get a lot of dirt in the car on a regular basis too. My plans have always included ripping out the carpet, coating the floor somehow (currently not sure as I've found most truck bed liner releases toxic fumes), and replacing the seats with plastic seats. I found a couple versions of what seems to be about the same seat from JEGS and SummitRacing, but liked the JEGS styling better. I also found the JEGS seats on Amazon:

The seats were only $38 and only cost $10 to ship both of them spooned together. 'Twas cute. I also figured that in the future, I can buy a couple more of these seats and mount them where the back bench seat used to be. I'm planning on creating some sort of quick release mount. But for this new year's weekend, I'm focusing on getting the front seats replaced. Once the seats are in, I can sell the three original seats out of the Blazer. Hopefully that will sell for about the same amount of all 4 seats and the mounting hardware... Which was kind of a hassle to figure out on a budget.

Seeing that I'm new to rebuilding cars and such, and after not being very successful in finding anyone online doing what I'm doing, I went through 4 idea iterations until I decided on the final one. I knew I wanted to keep the original OEM seat pedestals and the ability to move the seats forward and backwards. That way both me and my much smaller wife can both drive the beast. The pedestals have 4 bolts holding the seat, and the new plastic seats have 6 holes for bolts. The holes in no way match. I used some 90 degree angle brackets and some punched square aluminum tubing from Home Depot to create this quick CHEAP and easy adapter!!


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