Italian Dual Citizenship Qualifications For Dual Citizenship

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There are numerous genealogical pathways to Italian heritage that could qualify for Juris Sanguinis. I have read there are a few setbacks if you are using maternal lines and that the years some things had happened can and will prevent the process from happening like the 1948 law - which I have not read at all. Since I'm not familiar with any of the other pathways through someone else's heritage, I'm going to post a couple of the things I've found that helped me.

The first source is the Dual US/Italy Citizenship Facebook page. They offer, and require you to read all the education units they have put together on the subject. This is the best resource that I've found and the group seems to be very friendly with each other. I haven't posted anything yet. Honestly, they stress so much on doing your research before asking questions, I'm kind of afraid to.

The unavoidable issue with this group is that it's a mixture of consulates, which seems to mean a mixture of rules, strictness and waiting times. I've been able to filter down the information so that I can consume what applies to my situation.

If you choose to not DIY, this is a great place to find out information on 3rd party organizations and lawyers to do it for you if you gots the cash. I started looking into some of those before I found the group and I found prices from $5,000 to +$10,000 for the same work. Why the jump? No idea. All I know is they cannot guarantee success. Like a doctor.

Next up is this interactive tool that someone created in Google docs that asks you questions and tells you whether you [possibly] qualify:

Whether it tells you if you qualify or not, you are given a flowchart at the end to verify the results.

In my situation, my Great Grandfather arrived to America in 1912, then my Grandfather was born in 1914, then my Great Grandfather naturalized in 1921. If he naturalized before 1914, then I'd be out. Also, if my Grandfather happened to be born in 1922, just say, I would also no longer qualify.

The final one is I didn't think it would be as helpful as it has been, but it's been pretty helpful. I was lucky enough to start my account on the 4th of July when they had a half price sale. I signed up for the “World Explorer Membership” in hopes to see some records from Italy, but I haven't seen one. Note: it could be because I'm not specifically looking... Just thought of that. No leaves/hints that have shown up have been outside the US. I'll have to update this post if that changes; if it doesn't, I'll probably drop down to the cheaper membership to save some money.

However, I've found through that my Great Grandfather's parents, and my Great Grandmother's parents spent the majority of their lives in Italy. Molto Italiano.

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