Wild Stories From A Wild Visitor To My House

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Once upon a time in 2014, I had a visitor to my house with some tall tales.  I ran across the notes recently.  When he was talking, the stories were so outlandish that I took trips to my office upstairs and jotted down some notes.  Many years have gone by and I have no idea what happened with this person, but I wanted to save these notes somewhere because behind the notes is truly a remarkable story.  Certainly fiction, or at least mostly fiction.  I may tend to ramble on, but that is how the story was told to me.  I'm not sure if drugs or mental illness was involved.  

I don't write this to make fun of anyone.  I'm truly fascinated how someone can embellish, exaggerate or just flat out lie like this.  I'm even more fascinated with people who believe these stories.  Being a bartender for as long as I was, I saw a lot of BS artists.

This person was homeless and penniless in 2008 sleeping in his car in the ASU parking lot.  In 2014, starting with $7 in his pocket, he somehow had engineers working for him.  He had bought an unfinished patent having to do something with helping people stop smoking, but he couldn't tell me what it was.  He could tell me that he was at that time making $10,000 to $15,000 a day, and reiterated at $250,000 a month until Phillip Morris complained about the patent and stopped everything.

1994 to 2001, he was a masonry.  He had a job for the LDS church where he purchased $450,000 worth of materials to build something, once completed, the church did not pay.

At some point he was mugged and had a 3 day hospital stay due to the mugging.

He also worked in web development like me.  He stated that the owner of Expedia AND Priceline called him up and said they couldn't help him with money because Obama said no.  I believe this has to do something with bailouts that happened.

He said something about a website he build that started a bill dealing with E-cigarettes and the bill was being signed [in congress] at that time.

Then he said he was currently invested $250,000 in a tattoo removal serum.  He stated that he had seen this serum work: You'd inject the serum into the skin around the tattoo and the serum would make the body reject the ink instantaneously.  The ink would rise to the surface and you'd simply wipe the tattoo away.

He stated that he would appear in Forbes in July (2015), and Inc. Magazine in August.  And then, again in both Forbes and Inc. in November.

He was approached by the DOD and was building tankers [trucks] in Tucson that were equipped to separate silca from water.

He was working on another project that would somehow allow people to put 2 times the amount of data on storage devices.

He didn't have anything here in the US to show, but overseas he had 26 websites and 11 apps.

Fandeck.com approached him asking him to make sports videos.  He soon had a meeting with the Social Media Director of the NHL who was considering using his websites instead of using Facebook or YouTube.

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