As An IT Professional, How Is This Not A Microaggression?

Last Edited: 2018-01-07 20:41:24

I recently ran into this whole microaggression thing. If you haven't heard about it, it's the consequence of giving all kids everywhere trophies for nothing about 10 years go. Well, that's not entirely true since the term "microaggression" has been around since the 1970's . Don't get me wrong, I don't care what you/they are - either you're a jerk or you're not. I do think that society as a whole has become very weak. Kids today can't even deal with anything they've done wrong without therapy. But looking at how serious microaggressions are being taken - I don't think I could ever be a bartender again; certainly not a stand up comedian.

My coworker, whom we microaggressively call Jerk Slurpwell (he doesn't cry or nothin'), brought it up to me that University of Arizona has instituted what I like to call the ouch-oops continuum. Evidently, if you say something that offends a nearby crybaby, they will say "ouch"... And then you say "oops"... And then we assume that at that point all is forgiven. I read about this on another site that day I was alerted of my own microaggressions. If you don't know what a microaggression is, please peruse this PDF of the University of Minnesota's website:


Sidebar: While doing some light research on this issue so that I'm at least 13% informed about the things I complain about, I found this image on the home of the University of Minnesota's website - what the crap are they doing to this baby???

Back on track, you can see in the PDF the various things you are no longer allowed to say as an American. I've condensed a list for you:

  • "Where were you born"
  • "You are so articulate"
  • "America is a melting pot"
  • "Speak up more"
  • "We got gypped"
  • (and my absolute favorite of all the mellenial times..) "I believe the most qualified person should get the job."

A good portion of the PDF states that you must respect and notice someone's race or religion without noticing it really. Or saying anything about it. Ouch. Oops.

The highlight of the story is this... The organizers that created the PDF of things that you're not allowed to say; they had to write down AND publicize a document chockfull of microaggressions.




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