Hacked Star Wars Yoda Head For Prank At Work

Last Edited: 2018-05-04 14:56:07

May the 4th be with you (2018).

Star Wars Yoda Talker toy head that I hacked with a raspberry pi to reprogram the things that Yoda says. The story revolves around a friend at work who had one on his desk. We swapped out his Yoda head for the hacked Yoda head so it can make fun of him as a prank.

This is the video of us setting up the prank and him coming into work to have Yoda start talking to him. He was stuck in traffic so it was very nerve-racking to see if he'd make it on time or if the batteries in Yoda's head would die before he got there. They almost did.

Yoda's head; hack it you must.

Here is the link to the introduction to explain some of the things in this video:

I replaced the electronics with a raspberry pi zero w, motor control board, audio amplifier, audio filter and a ton of patience. I programmed a web interface in python to control Yoda through a wifi connection.


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