Hacked Star Wars Yoda Head Introduction

Last Edited: 2018-05-04 14:53:47

/blog.freddythunder.com/hacked-star-wars-yoda-head-for-prank-at-work/" target="_blank">https://blog.freddythunder.com/hacked-star-wars-yoda-head-for-prank-at-work/

Introduction of a Star Wars Yoda Talker toy head that I hacked with a raspberry pi to reprogram the things that Yoda says. The story revolves around a friend at work who had one on his desk. We swapped out his Yoda head for the hacked Yoda head so it can make fun of him as a prank.

I replaced the electronics with a raspberry pi zero w, motor control board, audio amplifier, audio filter and a ton of patience. I programmed a web interface in python to control Yoda through a wifi connection.


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