I Will Be Ripped Off By The UPS Store No More...

Last Edited: 2014-06-19 00:06:38

I'll try to keep it short. I went to a UPS store in Phoenix years ago and was going to be charged $70 to ship a screenprinting frame. I wound up boxing it at home and shipping it USPS for $16. Since then I had been hesitant on going back to a UPS store because of the unbelievable price gouging. I went to this particular UPS store a while back to try to ship something to China, that was over $100, but that was understandable - shipping to far off lands is costly.

This most recent visit I needed to fax some documents to our next landlord for the house we are renting. I wasn't told how much it would be and I didn't think to ask because I figured how much could a fax cost a guy in 2013. When the cashier said "8.71" to fax 8 pages I nearly fainted. I exclaimed "Wow! I could have bought a whole fax machine for 20!". An older gentlemen said, "Where would you find a fax machine for 20 dollars!?" like they had just been invented and it's some strange technology that no one understands.

Further research shows that the cheapest I could find is $28 on Amazon, I exaggerated by $8. I could have however gone to the goodwill, picked up any old SCSI or serial scanner for a buck or two and scanned the docs and faxed them using any of the free fax services, or taken pictures of the docs with my phone and emailed them to myself, put them into photoshop, greyscaled them and saved them in a higher resolution and then sent them to any of the free fax services on the interwebs. However I was trying to save some time. I also had once again foolishly tried to see what Brown could do for me.

Rip me off. That's what Brown does for me.



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