Scottsdale Food Festival

Last Edited: 2006-04-22 22:09:32

So, I was always under the impression that a culinary festival would be some place for restaurants and chefs to promote their restaurants and special dishes by offering taste tests. Maybe not for free completely, but at least at a discounted rate, right?

After paying five dollars to get into the front tent I found out that you have to buy tickets for food that you get at the various other tents. I had a twenty on me and told the kid that I wanted five tickets. He said, "Are you sure you don't want twenty?"

Now I thought, why would I ever need twenty tickets? Thinking that maybe at a buck a sample, twenty samples could end up being a lot of food. Now I know why he said that.

Every tent that I walked up to, everything was in the 3 to 6 ticket range! After walking around for a while, I decided to hit the next booth I came to. It was a mexican place that gave you a choice of "Torta", "Taquitos", or "Carne Asada Tacos" for three tickets.

I ordered the tacos and saw the dude (luckily wearing gloves) grab a tortilla and scoop some meat into it with his hand!! Awesome! Tosses some chips on top - and let me tell you, eating a taco with unexpected tortilla chips inside isn't just fun, but it's dangerous too! I got about 4 ounces of guacamole for two tickets because you can't get your money back once you buy tickets.

I would have gone to the beer gardens but the line for each of them was about 50 people deep and not moving. That's where I was supposed to meet my friends. Instead, I left.

Anyhow, I ate the taco, which yes, even though the sign read "Tacos", in this case ment one. Thinking about it on my way back to Tempe, I paid about 10 bucks for a taco with guacamole. I could have gone to Tacos Del Mar and gotten twice the food for half the price and a soda! Where's the 'festive' part in all this?!

The only value that I found in going today was the two for one sonic burger coupon on the ticket sad!

So, if you are reading this and thinking of going to a food festival, don't waste your time or money. It's just an opportunity for some regular everyday restaurants to bump up their prices and sell the normal crap they always do.

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