Separating Conjoined Peeps Easter Miracle

Last Edited: 2018-04-08 14:24:20

This is a story of four little peeps. Special peeps that want to be separated medically, and not mechanically, like chicken. They visit doctor Paul Tasker in Indiana to have the procedure done. Although doctor Tasker is not a real doctor, he plays one on YouTube.


I was unhappy with the voiceover because it's just me through garageband with a pitch shifter and my moviephone voice. I wanted to find someone to do the voiceover but couldn't find anyone. So if anyone is interested in doing voiceovers or acting or crew/lighting/camera work for free, let me know! I have a ton of other short projects I want to do for fun.

I tried a few new things that I learned from FilmRiot videos on the youtube. For the operating scenes, I used a white pieces of cupboard that I had in the garage. I mounted three track lights to a piece of thin wood (I think a bottom from a chest of drawers drawer, but don't remember) and then mounted that to the ceiling. I used both umbrellights (CFL's I mounted in umbrellas lined with car sun shade reflectors - tutorial coming) to light up us/the actors. I wanted a back light, but all I had left were my yellow construction lights that are tungsten and have that weird yellow tinge to them. Since I wanted to spend a little more time with color correction, I avoided those.

Also from FilmRiot, I got one of these puppies - a Neutral Density Adjustable Variable, uh, lens. Sunglasses for your camera. It helped a lot with the impromptu playground shots that I needed to get at not the exact time I wanted to shoot them.

Then, I also used the fast color corrector tutorials here at creative cow that got me a lot closer to the looks that I wanted. I normally wind up oversaturating a few colors here and there. So thanks Andrew is it?



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