Why Do Semis Need To Pass Eachother Uphill And Slow Down The Fast Lane

Last Edited: 2017-05-23 21:06:55

I know that I have some friends that are semi drivers so if someone on the facebook sees this, I'm serious, I want an answer of why this happens... Without fail, if I go on a roadtrip anywhere this happens right in front of me. Maybe it's just me and my bad luck, but I would guess this happens to drivers everywhere. I have said for a long time that my super power is to find the slowest car in traffic and put my car right behind that car. Will I use it for good or evil??

As we approach an uphill, there's the fast land and the slow lane. It's not just me that says that; I see signs often that read "SLOWER TRAFFIC KEEP RIGHT". So when the speed limit is 75, anything slower than 70 I would guess is slow traffic. I understand that freight trucks don't have the power that my car has going uphill, but why not wait until the end of the hill? Why do they need to pass while going uphill?

That's my question - anyone??



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