You Rock!! The Best Tip I Ever Got...

Last Edited: 2007-06-29 21:12:30

So I was playing at Boston's in Gilbert a while back when I received the best tip I've ever gotten from anyone!

It's saying quite a bit because I remember getting c-notes twice before.

I was playing out on the patio to a quite dinner eating crowd. Not too many people into it, but that was okay, I was still enjoying myself.

A few people were taking scraps of paper and writing down requests from my list. Soon after a little girl, I'd say about 7 years old, came up with a piece of paper.

I figured that this was just another request, but when I looked at it, it made me very happy. As you can see from the picture, she took a crayon and a silverware wrapper and wrote 'You rock' on it.

I thought it was the cutest thing ever! I took it and hung it on my refrigerator next to my 'I love you uncle Freddy' note that I got from my god-daughter.

They say kids can be cruel because they never hold back or try hard to tell white lies to avoid hurting others; on the same note, when the truth is good, it means the world.

Kinda mushy, I know, but sweet none the less.

Boston's Gilbert



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