Black Lives Matter Now Whos Gonna Tell These Guys @ F### THE POLICE TSHIRT GUY

Last Edited: 2016-07-10 18:44:58

Seriously.  Close your eyes and imagine you run across someone that is wearing a shirt that reads "F### [enter your job here]" and starts screaming at you about the attrocities that someone else has done that happens to have the same job as you.  Also say that you have pepper spray because you feel this person may be a bit out of control of their emotions and you have fear for yourself - and you don't want to shoot them.  Say that you do pepper spray them - would you - the reader of this seemingly pointless blog - be able to wash the eyes of the person?  I probably would because I never became a police officer.  If you get pepper sprayed, there's a good chance you did not comply.  It's kind of what happens.  Well, as you can see in the next blog post, in Brazil, they'll just flat out pepper spray you for poops and giggles.


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