I Still Say That If Anyone Really Knew How To Parent There Would Be One Book, Not 300,000

Last Edited: 2014-03-15 21:23:59

"I hope you realize that's child abuse" is what was exclaimed from her heiness the 13 year old who way way on her high horse. Seriously now, She's doing much better these days, but for a while there she was telling the grown ups in her life that she knew what was best for herself. I think a comedian said it best once if we let the kids do whatever they want, they'd spend all day watching TV and diddling themselves. But even with this logic and reason still floating through the aether, there are parents of my generation that let their kids make all of their own decisions and think dicipline was so uncomfortable for them, they don't want to hinder their children like that. Which is madness.

I do have to say, before I make too many people upset, I am not a biological father. That said, I never had that overwhelming overcoming feeling of euphoria in the delivery room that magically made that baby more important than any logic or reason for the rest of your life. That being said, I have an excerpt from the Arizona Revised Statute to explain in great detail exactly what child abuse is:

ARS 8-201

2. "Abuse" means the infliction or allowing of physical injury, impairment of bodily function or disfigurement or the infliction of or allowing another person to cause serious emotional damage as evidenced by severe anxiety, depression, withdrawal or untoward aggressive behavior and which emotional damage is diagnosed by a medical doctor or psychologist and is caused by the acts or omissions of an individual having care, custody and control of a child. Abuse includes:
(a) Inflicting or allowing sexual abuse pursuant to section 13-1404, sexual conduct with a minor pursuant to section 13-1405, sexual assault pursuant to section 13-1406, molestation of a child pursuant to section 13-1410, commercial sexual exploitation of a minor pursuant to section 13-3552, sexual exploitation of a minor pursuant to section 13-3553, incest pursuant to section 13-3608 or child prostitution pursuant to section 13-3212.
(b) Physical injury that results from permitting a child to enter or remain in any structure or vehicle in which volatile, toxic or flammable chemicals are found or equipment is possessed by any person for the purpose of manufacturing a dangerous drug as defined in section 13-3401.
(c) Unreasonable confinement of a child.



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