This Image Shows Some Of The Real Problems With Protesting In America

Are you friggen kidding me right now?  This is probably one of the most angering images I've seen of all the protest crap that's happening these recent days.  Besides the fact that:

thousands of people across the nation have nothing better to do

any actions considered by authorities due to protests are exaserbated by the violent few that naturally show themselves at peaceful protests

even in this picture, you can see young white people that (I'M ASSUMING) are probably more interested in becoming "internet famous" then they are police brutality, 

You got this older lady driving her stupid couple holding a $600 iPhone out the window with a big stupid grin probably thinking "look at all of these people outside" and nothing of police brutality supported by the happiness of being able to post this on her facebook for her "friends" to see at the next stop light - IF WE'RE LUCKY!!  She looks really torn up about the police shootings.  Just really, really sad.


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